Original piano solos composed by Ina Dykstra and Jan Randall. Blue "info" button leads to video links letting you hear the music and see samples of the scores!

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The musical beauty of the flowing universe, ageless, timeless, relentless and yet always as peace. 

Jellyfish Jazz

Floating around to the cool sounds of the big chords. Who knew jellyfish could be so bluesy and so very hip? 

Kindred Spirits

This piece was written for the wedding of two dear friends Clemie Hoshino and Walter Baldauf. Since Clemie has been my “kindred spirit” for about 40 years, it reflects the journey of lives shared.

The Chase

It started with a catchy baseline and an unusual rhythm and became a full fledged pursuit. Of what? You decide!

The Muse

Inspired by our deep and mutual love of the music of Chopin. Some of the chords were discovered by experimenting with chromatic alterations. 


Dedicated by way of the title to my composition professor Dr. Violet Archer. The music freely moves from melodic beginnings through a more contemporary middle section and then back again to the main theme. 


Water can be soothing and powerful all at once! This piece celebrates the essence of all life on our planet with splashes of artistry, virtuosity and flow.  


We love water! Can you tell? The broken chords tumble over over the cliffs to provides an opportunity to show off some fancy finger work