Original piano solos composed by Ina Dykstra and Jan Randall. Blue i "info" button leads to video links letting you hear the music and see samples of the scores!

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A Summer Wind
Basic triadic patterns in contrary motion help to create the feeling of being outside in the summer wind. 

Black Key Hoedown
Just as the title suggests, a country style dance performed entirely on the black keys. 

Five for Fun
An interesting time signature for young ones! A pentascale in Am with varied articulations and dynamics. This can also be easily transposed to Dm or any other minor pentascale. 

Foolin' Around
First exposure to two note slurs alternating with a light staccato touch in a tuneful two-part counterpoint. 

Hermit Crab Jig

Tuck fingers 4 and 5 in each hand so you can’t use them at all, and your hands might just look like hermit crabs as they dance this jig and then scurry off. 

Jackson's First Steps
A simple tune that tries to capture the joy and innocence of our grandson learning how to walk. 

Pete the Pirate Misses Home
The musical tale of a sensitive pirate who has a moment of loneliness. The "Arrr!" at the end will likely get a laugh or possibly some sympathy.  

Jackson's Lullaby

This is a very personal piece for our beautiful grandson Jackson. The left hand provides a gentle rocking motion while the right hand sings a tender lullaby. 

Private Eye

This offers an exploration of dramatic rests and fermatas. The game is afoot! 


We think this shark just really likes to scare people! Have fun with all the dynamic markings and contrasts in this dramatic piece. 

Smashing Things

An introduction to tone clusters and effective use of arm weight. The notes are much easier to understand when you see them on the keyboard. 

Walking with a Tune in My Head
A steady left hand allows the young musician to focus on a lyrical phrase that is restated in the upper register.