Late Elementary level original piano solos composed by Ina Dykstra. The blue i "info" button shows the contents with videos letting you hear the music and see samples of the scores!

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The Antsy Anteater 

The various articulations and “dancing” nature of this lively piece make this anteater very “antsy” indeed.

The Brave Bear 

A very old bear, who has seen much hardship in life, continues bravely moving forward.

The Ceremonial Cat

This cat is very wise and all-knowing, possibly wearing a crown, and lives in an exotic part of the world.

The Ditzy Dog

Have you ever known a VERY loveable but not-too-smart dog? He/she has a difficult time focusing on anything for very long, and is easily distracted.

The Elegant Eagle

Imagine a very large eagle surveying his world form very high up, and eventually soaring far above the earth.

The Giddy Goat 
The 7/8 time signature and “hands over” fun.

inspire a very playful and happy goat.

The Happy Hamster 

Like most hamsters, this one is happy to run on his wheel the whole day long!

The Lovely Lyrebird 

The Lyrebird is a graceful and elegant creature, who loves singing and trilling. To be played freely and spontaneously.

The Marching Mammoths 
These large creatures are marching together stoically, knowing there is strength in numbers. Have fun with the off-beat accents!

The Plucky Pigeon

“Plucky” can mean to have courage, but also refers to the plucking of seeds from the ground. A playful staccato touch throughout will help you to imagine this hungry bird.

The Quintessential Quetzal 
One of the most beautiful birds in the world! Loves to sing.

The Unusual Umbrellabird

An unusual time signature and varied articulations illustrate this curious and unusual-looking bird.

The Whimsical Waltzing Wallaby

To be played very freely, as this Wallaby loves to dream and dance.

The Zen Zebra 

The triads (black and white) might make you think of a zebra’s stripes, while the mood is steady and calm, very “zen”.