Original piano solos composed by Ina Dykstra and Jan Randall. Blue i "info" button leads to video links letting you hear the music and see samples of the scores!

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A Winter Walk
Alone with your thoughts on a winter day you feel the chill of the air but know that you can always return to the warmth of home. 

Bela’s Ballet Routine
Jan used to improvise music for ballet classes, and this was inspired by memories of all of the young dancers there.  

Caterpillar Jig
Imagine how much fun a caterpillar would have dancing a jig with all of those legs! The tune takes lots of twists and turns with surprises galore. 

Clownfish Capers
Part of the “caper” is watching for all the places where hands cross in unexpected places!  These clownfish love to dance and play jokes.

Cowboy Song
Picture cowboys sitting around the fire at the end of the day feeling lazy and getting ready for a night sleeping under the stars.


Gentle Blue Skies
Let your heart gently soar into the clouds and beyond a perfect sky.

Little Fishies
These tiny little fish swirl quickly and love to travel together, appearing and disappearing like magic! 

Lurking in the Deep
We are not sure what is hiding in the darkness of the deep water, but it is a little strange, and very very shy.

Riding the Wave
When you are riding the wave, anything is possible!  

Sassy Fun
Time for a some bluesy jazz- let ‘er rip! 

Sammy the Seahorse
Sammy dreams of being a real horse playing in a sunny meadow.

Sauntering Along
In the tradition of ragtime, the left hand alternates a bass line with chords on the off-beats while the left hand plays a syncopated melody. 

Spanish Waltz
After two opening flourishes, this waltz was inspired by Spanish flavoured harmonies.  

Strange Encounters
This piece is like a soundtrack to a movie about aliens and mysterious creatures. It uses the tension of tritones to create an interesting soundscape. 

The Journey
This music definitely tells a story. Imagine what that story might be!

Yellow Tang Tango
Imagine two bright yellow fish doing a lively tango!  Strive for a playful feeling between the two parts, and enjoy the dance.