Avignon Suite

Avignon Suite was composed for solo piano by Ina Dykstra. It is in three movements. Here are the composer's notes from the published music, available at vistaheightsmusic.com. "My husband Jan and I had the amazing opportunity to be in the south of France during the summer of 2018. We took a riverboat cruise through many towns and villages, one of which was “Avignon”. When I returned, I was inspired to write this suite of pieces, and truly hope that you will enjoy playing these as much as I enjoyed writing them! The River at Night Shimmering water, shimmering lights A giant and peaceful sky Gentle breezes, good company A longing to hold the moment For just a little longer. A Medieval City Bells. Chanting. Walking ancient steps That thousands before you have walked. Getting a sense of how the world worked then And always musicians in the square Bringing joy and dancing The world seems smaller and yet bigger here A thousand years ago. Lavender Fields Oh to be in France When all the fields are lavender Fragrant, full of promise Looking down from an old castle You feel the wonder and beauty of this land And at the bridge in Avignon, they are all still dancing! Ina Dykstra Oct. 8, 2019"

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